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Ana Bushcraft

Women are often considered vulnerable in this Male Dominated world and women who are Otherwise Brave and beautiful often Standout Ana is one of these Women. The very beautiful Youtuber has been nicknamed the Queen of the Jungle by many who watch her and her skills are nothing short of Mesmerizing. Time ad again she has shocked many by managing to Live off The Grid and uses self-sufficient and Primitive means of Survival. So Just Who is Ana from Ana’s Bushcraft? Where Does She Live? Here are all the Amazing Facts about the Youtuber’s Life, Early Life, Husband, Location, Nationality, Country, Net Worth, and many more.

Who is Ana Bushcraft? Ana Bushcraft Biography

Born in Australia Ana Bushcraft is a Famous Youtuber, Primal Survivor, and Vlogger who has made a name for herself Through her YouTube channel and Amazing Survival Skills. She has Nearly 300k Subscribers and nearly 50 million views on Youtuber. Growing up she Thrived at the idea of accompanying her Parents into the woods to get food and firewood and this is where she learned how to survive in the Jungle.

Since Joining Youtube in May 2021 she has shared Over 100 Videos and has garnered a lot of followers who always look forward to seeing what she builds or how she will survive the next day using the Most Primitive of Means. Her most Popular Video is titled “365 days living off the grid – build a log cabin and free water and electricity installation” has over 5.6 Million Views and she has 11 Videos that have surpassed the Million Mark.

Ana Bushcraft Wikipedia

Ana has been on Youtube for just Over a  year and a half now and she has a staggering 271 k Followers. She makes a lot of money from her very successful youtube Channel and her success is unmatched by many. Growing up she enjoyed a rather Warm and Happy Childhood that blossomed her Deep Love for Nature. Her survival tactics and videos have mesmerized many people and she has sure inspired many nature Loving Girls out there.

OCCUPATION Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, 
HOMETOWN Australia
LOCATION Daintree Forest

Ana Bushcraft Early Life and Family

Bushcraft Had a really wonderful and Memorable childhood that shaped her into the woman she is today. Growing up she would accompany her Mother and father into the Australian Jungles in Search of Food and Firewood and this Mesmerized her. She learned a lot about Nature from her father and Mother and this has played a key part in her now-Blossomed Youtubing Career.

Growing up Christmas was the most enjoyable time of the year for her as she would meet her Cousins and Uncles and they would Play together. She cites her father as one of her biggest Inspirations in life. Her mother has also played a big part in who she is today and this is because she taught her a lot of Virtues and the true Value of Life.

Ana’s Parents, Family, and Siblings

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Grandfather Unknown
Family Originally From Australia

Ana Bushcraft Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Born in Australia Bushcraft is in her Late 20‘s or early 30‘s as of 2022. She has taken to Nature like FishTo Water and Ages like Fine Wine. Her ever-energetic self makes it hard to discern her exact age but one thing is for sure the Youtuber Ages like Fine Wine. She celebrates her Birthday each year in a memorable way but rarely shares any photos or Videos of her Birthday. Her date of Birth and Zodiac Sign have remained a Mystery.  

AGE 20-30 Years Old

Ana Bushcraft Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Bushcraft is 5 feet 7 Inches Tall. She weighs around 70 Kg and has black silk-like hair.

HEIGHT 5 feet 7 inches
HAIR Black
EYES Black
Waist Size  

Ana Bushcraft Location and Country

Ana camps deep in the Australian Jungle and has already built a cabin there. Many of her followers have been surprised by just how Beautifull her camping environs are and have often n Wondered what her Filming Location is. She Films deep in the Australian Forests and is known for her Wonderful Survival Vlogs.

Ana Bushcraft Husband and Children

Bushcraft has previously had a Boyfriend or Romantic Partner either in high school or College. She is currently Single and Not dating anyone as of this writing and is fully concentrated on building her Youtube career. However, in the near future, she is sure to meet a Prince Charming who will one day Sway her heart and Marry Her.

What Kind Of Dog Does Ana Bushcraft Have?

Ana owned a dog named Rec whom she considered her Best Friend and Partner. Two years Ago Rec Died under Mysterious Circumstances while the two were in the Jungle. She and her Dog had been through a lot together and her dog’s sudden death really Shook Anna. She took to Youtube to share Devastating News and People couldn’t help bus Sympathize with her. One of her Followers in particular expressed how he had lost his Dog explaining that their Dog had Stood in the Mountains alongside him, helped him carry his weight, protected his family from a bear, saved him from running into a Cougar, and even saved his Life a couple of more times.

Ana Bushcraft Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Bushcraft is an Australian National and is of a Mixed Ethnical background. Growing she enjoyed a lot of Things which includes going to Religious Functions with her Parents. We however cannot confirm her religious affiliations.

Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Unknown

Ana Bushcraft Net Worth

Bushcraft’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 Million as in 2022.
NET WORTH 2022 $2.5 Million
NET WORTH 2021 $2 Million
NET WORTH 2020 $300k
NET WORTH 2019 $100K

Ana Bushcraft Social Media and Contacts

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