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Aron Accurso

When a Couple that is truly in Love comes together and decides to do a thing The end result is most likely Extraordinary and this is the Case of Aron Accurso and his Wife Rachel Griffin Accurso.  Aron has always supported his wife and pushed her to Move beyond her limit and her recent success is a true testimony to that. If you are a parent and have a Toddler you have definitely Come across the Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos that has over the years taught some of our kids how to speak and soothed them to Clam Down. Miss Rachel is a familiar face on the Channel but Just who is her husband, How Old is He? Where is he from? Here are all the Amazing Facts about Miss Rachel’s Husband Aron Accurso Age, Wikipedia, Height, Birthday, Family, Wife, Children, Instagram, and Many More.

Who is Aron Accurso? Aron Accurso Biography

NewYork Based Aron Accurso is a Popular Music Director  Pianist, Composer, and Conductor who is well-known for directing Aladdin, Broadway, and Songs for Littles. He is also well known as the Husband of Rachel Griffin Accurso the Face of the Popular Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos Youtube channel. Their Youtube channel has over 1.68 Million Views and has nearly 1 Billion Views. Over the years Mr. Accurso has made a name for himself in the Music Industry and is the Recipient of Many awards. Some of his known works include Seeing Red with Joey Mazzarino and  The Dogs of Pripyat which have both won Awards Over the Years.

His first book received the on Theatre Resources Unlimited’s 2019 TRU Voices musical reading while the latter won the Jerry Bock Award, and the Weston New Musical Award, and was presented by NAMT, and at the Festival of New Artists at the Goodspeed Opera House. He has previously served as the Associate Conductor and Music Director for Aladdin on Broadway. He has accompanied American Idol finalists while playing the Piano. He has also previously played the piano on shows such as Wendy Williams Show, The Bachelorette, and The View for Aladdin.

Aron Accurso Wikipedia

Accurso is a composer who rose to prominence after his Youtube Channel went back Viral. He opened his youtube channel in 2019 alongside his Wife Miss Rachel and their Channel has now Grown tremendously and is nearing 1 Billion Views. He also ha o there Musi cal endeavors that include The Dogs of Pripyat and Alladin on Broadway. His Social media Platforms are still Growing slowly and he has a steady 2300 Followers on Instagram.  

REAL NAME Aron Accurso
OCCUPATION Music Director  Pianist, Composer, and Conductor
RESIDENCE United States of America

Aron Accurso Early Life and Family

Accurso was born into a really Talented Family that Loved Music and Singing. Hs parents spotted his Talent when he was still very young and have always been supportive of him. They bought him his first Piano when he was really young and celebrated her birthday as a gift. During Christmas, he would sometime sing for his Parents and siblings. It is not known who or where the Family is from but one thing is for sure his family is from Newyork.

Accurso  Parents, Family, and Siblings

Mother Mrs Accurso
Father Mrs Accurso
Siblings None
Grandfather Unknown
Family Originally From The United States of America

Aron Accurso Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Accurso was born in The United States of America and currently resides in Newyork.  He is in his 30s as of 2022 and still looks too young for his Age. His Talented Fingers tell the tale of a much younger man when he is playing. He Loves to spend his birthday with his wife and treasures all the gifts that she has given him. His Zodiac Sign, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth have all remained a mystery.

AGE 30 Years Old
PLACE OF BIRTH United States o f America

Aron Accurso Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Accurso is 5 feet 8 Inches tall and weighs around 60 kg. He has deep brown hair and deep black hair.

HEIGHT 5 feet 8 inches
HAIR Brown
EYES Black
Waist Size  

Aron Accurso’s Wife and Children

Accurso is a blessed man who not only Found The Love of his Life in one woman but also in his best friend Rachel Griffin Accurso. His Wife is a  talented teacher and Songstress whose songs and good teachings have reached millions and Millions of Toddlers in the past Three Years. It is believed that Aron has a daughter with Rachel.

Aron Accurso Ms. Rachel

Aron and Ms. Rachels are the Minds behind the very Popular Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos. They share inspirational videos that teach children how to speak and learn a few words. the Pair has been Married for a few years now and their story is truly an inspiration. Miss Rache holds a Degree in Education.

Aron Accurso Songs for Littles

Aron is the Composer behind the Ingenious channel Songs for Littles. on the Channel, Aron plays the Puppets Georgie, Herbie, and many other roles. He also directs videos on the channel. Their channel mainly targets preschoolers and Toddlers. They perform alongside Jules Hoffman.

Aron Accurso’s Net Worth

Songs for little children Accurso’s net worth is around $13 Million as of late 2022.

NET WORTH 2022 $13 Million
NET WORTH 2021 $10 Million
NET WORTH 2020 $9 Million
NET WORTH 2019 $5 Million

Aron Accurso Social Media and Contact Details

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