Becket Cook
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When the Lord Calls You, He lifts You, Blesses You, and uses you as an Example that everything is possible and this is the case with Becket Cook. His journey is very fascinating and he is a living Testimony that the Lord has great things in Store for us. He was a gay man who over the course of a few decades had had relationships with a Number of Men. Before he received Christ he was even engaged to a man waiting to get married but Christ came into his life shortly Before he got married and his life took a Turn for the Best. So just Who is Becket Cook? How Old is He? Is He Married? Here are some amazing facts about his Life, Wife, Age, Family, Podcast, Parents, Height, Testimony, Church, Married, Story and Instagram.

Ruby Burciaga
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Being Connected to a celebrity in our modern day is sure to propel you directly to fame. You may either be related to them by blood, married to them, Dating Them or even just being friends with them and this is the case with Ruby Burciaga. Ruby is a beautiful, Talented and Hardworking young woman who was propelled to fame after she dated Bachelor In Paradise love rat Ciarran Stott. Despite being a wonderful character all has not been well she was embarrassed by her Boyfriend on The Challenge after viewers discovered he was having a relationship with fellow competitor Audrey Kanongara. So just who is Ruby? How Old is She? Where is She From? Here are all the Amazing Facts about the Age, Personal Life, Height, Parents, and Many More.