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Well, transformation is more likely to be read than seen by many believers and also common people. Serving as a vivid example of transformation is Cristopher Yuan. Yuan, a prior drug dealer, homosexual and former prisoner is now a Christian pastor, speaker, and author who has mainly won the hearts of young adults over the United States and other Continents. Before his transformation, Yuan aimed to become a dentist but after he was transformed he became a pastor. As an inspiration to many, Christopher has gained more support from his father and mother praying for him which led to his path. 

Who is Christopher Yuan? Christopher Yuan Bio

Living a life of transformation from gay, drug dealer, and fallen son is an American pastor and author, Christopher Yuan. With a background as a Chinese immigrant, Christopher suffered an identity crisis that forced him to fit in. His solution for fitting in was engaging in drugs, sonography, and homosexuality. However after he was arrested, he conformed to his ways and turned out to be an author and pastor. His books include;  Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God, A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope, Holy Sexuality, and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story.

REAL NAME Christopher Yuan
OCCUPATION Pastor, Author, and Speaker
HOMETOWN United States of America
EDUCATION Moody Institute
RESIDENCE United States of America

Christopher Yuan Age, Birthday| How Old is Yuan?

Yuan has lived long enough to his current 50s. Different from the others, Christopher considers his birthday to be when he gave his life to christ rather than when he was born. With these, he considers his age, birthday, and zodiac sign to be of less importance than his service to God. 

Christopher Yuan’s Wife, Is he Married?

Yuan began his relationships in more of what would look like a situation. Christopher saw his friend watching pornography videos and it served as an introduction to his sexuality. After continuously watching the videos, his urge to exfoliate the ideas in his life. However, he specialized more in homosexuality and spent his life before salvation with spending time exploring homosexuality.

After Christopher was arrested, he was found to be HIV positive and lived up to salvation. With his transformation, he was expected to be heterosexual but instead he chose to live a pure life in singleness. With these, Christopher is not linked to any marriage or wife relationship.

Christopher Yuan Education

In his past life, Christopher was a dentistry student. However, Yuan was expelled four months before graduation after his drug, party and homosexual life overweighed his studies. After his conviction, Christopher studied at Moody Bible Insitute and has grown into a pastor. Apart from these, Christopher was a student at Wheaton College Graduate School. He earned a doctorate of ministry at Bethel Seminary. 

Christopher Yuan’s Parents, Siblings, and Family

Yuan had a poor relationship with his parents and almost lost their relationship. His continued drug desire, homosexuality, and party life did not fit his parents’ relationship. When Christopher revealed his sexuality, his parents felt that they have lost him forever.

However, his father and mother kept on praying that God will save him one day. Currently, Christopher co-authors his books with his mother, Angela. They are seen to have a close great relationship. 

Christopher Yuan Height, Weight

Yuan’s normal body mass index is a result of his median height and healthy weight. With black hair and eyes, Christopher has formed a descriptive average body build of any man.

HEIGHT Unknown
WEIGHT Unknown
HAIR Black
EYES Black

Christopher Yuan Wikipedia

With an initial career as a drug lord, Yuan gained more money and fame as an underground superstar. What began as a situation to find where Yuan fit well, grew up to become his lifestyle. In addition to his drug dealing life, Christopher spent his teenage life exploring homosexuality and clubbing.

God saved him as an answer to Yuan’s parents’ prayers. Yuan was saved by God in what would look like a setup as he was sent to prison. He served his sentence which was more of a transformation ground for him. In prison, Yuan gave his life to Christ and began studying the Bible. After leaving jail, Christopher studied theology and has become a World’s best-time preacher with a focus on youths and parents. He has garnered more of his name as a pastor and an author serving several campuses, colleges, and churches as a way of sharing his ministry. Yuan’s books are also co-authored by his mother and they include Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God, A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope, Holy Sexuality, and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story.

Christopher Yuan’s Net Worth

With his excellent and informative life experience, Yuan has used it as the backbone of his ministration and author career. Yuan has earned his net worth to a reckoned value of $1 Million or More. With his main focus on saving lives to Christianity, he has also earned not just money but fame and a respectable name.

Christopher Yuan Social Media

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