How old is Gaitlyn Rae? Age, Family, Net worth

Gaitlyn Rae

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Who is Gaitlyn Rae?

Gaitlyn Rae is a 10-year-old Capuchin Monkey that became a TikTok superstar. She is now active on all social media platforms including YouTube with 100k subscribers. She usually has her time with her friends on the farm.

On her youtube channel, she shares her day-to-day activities with her friends and the new people she gets to meet. The channel started out on February 27th, 2020, and has gained 21,881,609 views since then. In a F.A.Q on his website, he revealed that she was not really rescued but taken in by her current family and that she was not born in the wild as she cannot survive there.

She went viral after a video shared by @lachersfarminals TikTok account of her playing with some hot pink slime exploded the internet. The account has other adorable videos of Rae putting money into her monkey purse, playing with bubbles, and helping with laundry that capture lots of attention.

On her birthday she got a pop it and she enjoyed playing with it. After her video playing with pop it. Since then her fans have been continuously sending them to her.

The fact that she got that attention has helped her create more content with her family and friends that are on the farm.


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Gaitlyn Rae Family

She lives with adoptive parents Jessica Lacher and Paul her husband. The couple lives on their farm in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Some people still wonder how the two manage to maintain living with a monkey at their home.

It is out in the public that it is not easy to live with the monkey as it is known to be a very playful animal and maybe a little tricky to control around.

Gaitlyn Rae Net worth

Rae’s net worth is $500 k. Her social media accounts have gained a lot of attention from the public worldwide making her a famous monkey.


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