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May Bae Life

Lately, Many people have made a Career out of Youtube and other Social Media Platforms and May Bae Life also known as May Edwards is one of these people. Since joining Youtube in 2012 she has established a cult-like following and boasts a staggering 100,000 Subscribers on the Platform. She follows the footstep of other Media personalities Such as Gothix, Plantiful Kiki, and many more in establishing a name for herself. Furthermore, her success has inspired many upcoming girls to follow in her steps and the Youtube business is Booming. So just who is May Edwards? How Old is She? Here are all the facts about her Age, Life, Bio, Parents, Story, Instagram, Real Name, Sister, and Many More.

Who is May Bae Life?

American Born May Bae Life is a Youtube Sensation, Social Media Star, Musician, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur who has made a name for herself Through her Youtube Channel which has nearly 200k Subscribers and Nearly 2 Million Views. May is however a very Controversial Figure who raised eyebrows after it was confirmed that she was dating her daughters ex.

She made her Debut in the Music Industry in 2020 by releasing her debut Single named May Bae. Her Song has since gotten over 960k Views. Her official music video was produced by Geo Storm and it features Klai Red. In 2022 a video surfaced online of May Bae’s Daughter Complaining about how her mother made her feel bad and has been a bad mother who even Preyed on one of her exes. May also Run a mentorship program that has also been full of controversial issues. Later that year an American Real Estate Agent attended her program and later went Live on Instagram exposing May for her bad and Controversial habits. It is not known what she did but one thing is for sure May Bae is a Very Controversial Figure.

May Bae Life Wikipedia

May Bae is a Controversial American Musician, Youtuber, and Public Speaker who has over the years gained a lot of attention for her relationship with her daughter. Despite her Controversy, she has a respectable following on both Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. She boasts over 80k Followers on Instagram. There are however little known facts about her Personal life.

Real Name May Edwards
Occupation Youtuber, Social Media Star, Musician, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hometown Unknown
Education Unknown
Residence Unknown

May Bae Life Early Life and Family

May was born in a Small Town in the United States of America and growing up she had a rather eventful childhood. She and her sister would often play together and enjoyed going out together. It is not known who or where May bae is Originally from but details regarding her early life are scarce.

There are rumors that she was bullied as a kid and this had a huge effect on her Adult Life. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and they raised her in the Christian Way. She had an older sister known as Juanita Maria Spencer who sadly passed away in 2020. Mya revealed that her sister was a victim of Domestic Violence.

Juanita was born on June 1st, 1978, and was born prematurely. at the time of her birth, Juanita weighed around 3 pounds 11 ounces. Growing Up the two siblings were very close and Mya was saddened by her sister’s sudden Passing.

May Bae Parents, Family, and Siblings

Mother Mrs. Spencer
Father Mr. Spencer
Sister Juanita Maria Spencer
Grandfather Unknown
Family Originally From California

May Bae Life Height, Weight and Other Body Measurements

May Edwards is 5 feet 9 Inches tall. She weighs around 90 Kgs and has Golden hair and deep black eyes.

HEIGHT 5 feet 9 inches
HAIR Golden
EYES Black

May Bae Life Husband and Children

May Edwards met and married her husband and the love of his Life Edwards in Her younger years. The two met in circumstances best known to them and after a few days of Talking and a few weeks of frequent meet-ups they began dating. They went on to get married and they share a daughter named Taty Edwards. May and Edwards have since separated and May is currently dating her daughter’s ex-girlfriend Tre.

Relationship Divorced
Husband Edwards
Daughter Taty Edwards

May Bae Life Net Worth

May Bae has an estimated net worth of around $3ook  as of 2022.

NET WORTH 2022 $400k
NET WORTH 2021 $300k 
NET WORTH 2020 $250K
NET WORTH 2019 $200K

May Bae Life Social Media and Contact Details

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