Who is Mila Davis-Kent? Creed III Wikipedia, Age, Family, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Mila Davis-Kent

Despite being Deaf, Mila Davis-Kent has been able to Curve a successful career as a Child Actress. Through hard work and determination, she has been able to overcome the many challenges that come with being deaf and a woman of color. In 2023, she is considered one of the most prominent Child actresses out there and is a Symbol of hope to Many children  Disabled Kids out there. Today we take a look at the Child actress’s personal life and her eventual Rise to the Top. Read More Below.

REAL NAME Mila Davis-Kent
AGE 9 Years Old (2023)
PARENTS Michael Davis and Kimberly Davis
ETHNICITY Black(African-American)

Mila Davis-Kent Biography

Mila Davis-Kent is a 9 Year Old Deaf Actress of an African-American Ethnicical Background. She is a Highly Imaginative and Talented actress who broke the Internet in 2023, after portraying Amara Creed in Creed III. Born and Raised in a Deaf Family, she was the Very First ASL member to appear in the Creed Franchise. Prior to Her breakout role in Creed, she had also appeared in Other Films Including Sherri and The Resident.

Davis-Kent has been branded a child protege because of her ability to seamlessly blend into any role given to her with the utmost perfection. Her Charisma is one of her most Likable traits Given the fact that she has the ability to enchant and connect with her viewers emotionally through her roles. She has been described as Confident, Talented, and Creative by fellow creed Co-Stars Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson.

Who Are Mila Davis-Kent Parents?

Davis-Kent was born into a Small Native African-American Deaf Family. Her whole family is Deaf, and they were very influential in helping her create a  strong bond with the rest of the Creed 3 cast, especially Michael B. Jordan. Her Parents are Michael Davis and Kimberly Davis, and it was her Mother Kimberly who drove the young actress to her various Auditions. Her extended family is also very close and In an Interview with  Sherri, she revealed that she had found out that she had landed the Creed Role while at her Aunties House. She inherited her acting genes from her Father Michael, who runs and operates the GUM Vision Studio. Her sisters and Brothers have yet to make any public appearance alongside Her.

Creed III and her Acting Journey

For as long as she can Remember, Davis-Kent always wanted to be an actress and follow in her father’s footsteps. As a young girl, she enjoyed imitating her family and friends, antiques that helped make her really popular among her age-mates.  Her journey as an actress began in 2018 when she landed a minor role in the Fox long-learning tv Series The Resident. 4 years later at the age of 8 she was cast as Amara Creed in the highly anticipated Creed II.

Creed III served as Davis-Kent’s breakout role and helped propel her into the limelight. Her appearance in the Film was historic as she was the First member of the ASL community to appear in the Creed Franchise. Today, through her achievements, she has served as an inspiration to other members of the ASL and Disabled Community that through hard work and dedication anything is achievable.

Net Worth and Wealth

2023, has been a very good year for Mila Davis-Kent. She has seen her Acting career, take off at an Incredible rate and she is now considered one of the most promising young actors out there. Through her endeavors, she has been able to cash in fat cheques, especially for her role in Creed II. However, most of her wealth is tied to her parents as she is still very young and is unable to manage her wealth. Her Net Worth is However, Estimated to be around $130k.

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