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Noah Lyons

Being born into a celebrity family comes with its very own challenges and Thrills. While one gets to enjoy the fruits of being a Celebrity such as instant stardom and Quick Rise in this Social Media Dominated world there is a dark side to it. More often than not one does not get to enjoy their privacy, Ones every move is scrutinized and their Mistakes are often Escalated by people on social media. And this is the case with Noah Lyons, Despite not being Directly born into stardom, he was propelled to fame after his Father Married Celebrity Chef Carla Hall. So just who is Noah Lyons? How Old is He? Here are interesting facts about his age, personal life, Education, Parents, Girlfriend and many more.

Who is Noah Lyons?|Noah Lyons

Noah Lyons is Popular for being the Step Son of Baking Sensation Carla Hall. He is the Biological son of Matthew Lyons a top government official who has over the years made a name for himself. His Father and Step Mother met Online and have been Married for over 16 years now and do not have any other Children Together. Most of us already know Carla Hall, Remember she Co-Hosted The Chew, the exciting Talk Show that mainly tackled topics surrounding foods, She appeared most recently on the eighth season of Bravo’s Top Chef, and Prior to that she was on the Fifth Season.

Noah Lyons Wikipedia

Lyons is a Privilagged young Man who has Caring and Hardworking parents. His father for instance has over the years managed to have a rather illustrious career as an attorney. He is currently based in Washington, DC but it is his Tenure as the branch chief of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that he is perhaps best known For.

His Step Mother on the Other hand is the Most Familiar of the Bunch. Carla Hall Lyons is a Familiar face that has for the past few decades graced our screens religiously. She at one time had her very own show named The Chew. She is also a decorated Model who for a few years worked on top Runways in London, Paris, and Milan but quit to pursue her passion as a Chef. She has her own Catering Company named Alchemy Caterers which she personally runs and has been able to cater to a number of high-profile events.

REAL NAME Noah Lyons
OCCUPATION Celebrity Child
HOMETOWN Washington, DC

Noah Lyons Early Life and Family

Lyons has always been a wonderful child since he was very young. Growing up in his Fathers homestead he enjoyed the occasional visits to Disneyland and enjoyed playing with the few friends he has. Little is known about Biological Mother who is hardly in the Picture. He never talks about her publicly and neither does his father. During Christmas, he would go on to visit his Grandparents and enjoy his Grandmother’s homemade Recipes.

Lyons Parents, Family, and Sister

Mother Carla Hall
Father Matthew Lyons
Siblings Not Known
Grandmother Not Known
Family Not Known

Noah Lyons Age, Birthday, and Zodiac Sign

How Old is Noah? Noah is a young man who is in his early 20s or Late Teen Years. He However conducts himself with a tone of maturity that is well beyond his Age.  He celebrated his sweet 16 Birthday with a few of his Friends and his Parents Were there for him. He was born in the United States of America and currently resides in Washington Dc.

AGE 16-20 Years Old

Noah Lyons Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Lyons is a Tall and handsome man who stands at a height of 5 feet 11 Inches Tall. His hair is Black just like his Fathers and he has Black but Striking Eyes. Tall(ESt).

HEIGHT 5 feet 11 Inch tall
WEIGHT 60  Kgs
HAIR Black
EYES Black

Noah Lyons Girlfriend, Is He Dating?

Lyons is a Handsome man who has definitely Broken a few hearts here and there. He has previously had a lady or two but prefers not to share details that surround his romantic entanglements. He is Currently Single and fully Focused on Studying but will surely get a Girlfriend in College.

  • Girlfriend: None
  • Dating: No

Noah Lyons’s Net Worth

Lyons is still very young and is yet to get Employed therefore does not have a Salary and has not amassed any Net Worth on his Own. His father has a net worth of around $3 Million or more.

Social Media and Contact Details

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