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Pastor Vlad and his wife

Growing up in the orthodox religion, it is hard to come out and become a freedom-preaching Christian. That is not the same with Pastor Vladimir Savchuk, who grew up in Ukraine and moved to the United States. As the fruit does not fall far from the tree, Vlad’s parents were Christians and also participants in the church which produced the Pastor talent in Savchuk. Savchuk began as a youth pastor at sixteen which produced the lead pastor and Hungry Gen Ministries.

Who is Pastor Vladimir Savchuk? Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Bio

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk is an enthusiastic 36-year-old Ukrainian-American lead pastor, author, motivational spear, and internet personality. Mostly known as Pastor Vlad, he has built his ministry into Hungry Gen after being a Youth Pastor at the age of 16. Savchuk works hand-in-hand with his wife, Svetlana (Lana Savchuk) and they mostly share marriage Questions and Answers to help with marriage. Savchuk shares his sermons via his Instagram and Youtube accounts which makes him an internet personality.

REAL NAME Vladimir Savchuk
OCCUPATION Pastor, Author, and Internet Personality
NATIONALITY Ukrainian-American
HOMETOWN Ukraine and United States
EDUCATION Pasco Senior High School, Faith International University
RESIDENCE Wahington DC, United States

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk’s Parents, Siblings, and Family

Savchuk was born into Eastern Orthodox parents. Vlad and his siblings have been taught from childhood the necessary lessons in Christianity. After Vlad turned 13 years old, his family moved to from Ukraine to the United States. His parents have played a predominant role in making him the Pastor he is today.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Age, Birthday| How Old is Savchuk?

At the age of 36, Vlad happens to be more energetic, outgoing, and younger than ever. He was born in 1968, in Ukraine but later moved to the United States at 13 years together with his parents. Savchuk shares a post each and every year sharing his birthday and also taking the chance to thank God. With all the posts, Savchuk is yet to share his date of birth and also his birth sign to give the fans his traits and personality.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk’s Wife, Is he Married?

Vladimir not only gives advice for married couples but also shares his married life as an example to his fans and followers. Savchuk is married to Svetlana (Lana Savchuk). They occasionally host Questions and Answers on marriage giving counsel to various married couples. Lana is also an immigrant to the United States from Moscow, Russia. Svetlana and Vlad have no children yet although their marriage has lasted for over a decade now. Vlad’s family resides in Washington, United States.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Education

Savchuk was in Pasco Senior High School and was a graduate in the year 2007. Furthering his studies with more focus on theology, Vlad joined Faith International University. Savchuk enrolled in the University recently(April 2022) and he studies while preaching. Vladimir is expected to graduate in December 2024 with Bachelor’s degree in Religion.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Eye

If you look at Vlad, his left eye is different from normal. Vlad says that his left eye was weak since he was a child. It was so bad that at 10 years, Savchuk underwent surgery. However, the surgery was unsuccessful which left the problem as his new normal. Savchuk has had taunts and nicknames for his eye condition but he sustained them and focused on living more positively.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Height, Weight

Savchuk has grown to a height of 5ft 7inches and an average weight. With his parents originally from Ukraine populates, Vlad earned mixed ethnicity and Ukrainian-American nationality. His body build is also characterized by a pair of blue eyes and dark brown hair.

HEIGHT 5ft 7inches
WEIGHT Unknown
HAIR Dark Brown

Pastor Vladmir Savchuk Wikipedia

Vlad joined Hungry Generation as a lead pastor which was founded by Vasily Parkhotyuk and Lybouv Parkhotyuk. Working with his wife, Lana, is focused on healing, deliverance, and saving the lives of youths from their past. Savchuk is also an author with four books currently published by him. Vlad’s books include Break Free, Fight Back, Single Ready to Mingle, and Spirit-Filled Jesus. Apart from these, Pastor Vlad hosts his business, Vladimir Savchuk Ministries. His ministry aids in digital spiritual resources that too for free to all Christians and fans.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk’s Net Worth

Working as a lead pastor, motivational speaker, author, and internet personality, Pastor Vlad’s net worth is gauged at $1 Million or More. His dominant career is as a Lead Pastor which has grown to produce more careers that are secondary. Working via the Internet both on Youtube and Instagram also expounds his net worth more.

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk Social Media

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