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Sharing one’s personal life requires more than normal courage as this also welcomes all types of judgments and comments. However, Peach McIntyre has overcome the fear of what people and fans might say about her life. Apart from these, Peach focuses on making a positive effect on her fans by sharing videos with tips on finances, marital life, children, and also general life. With these, Mcintyre has won the hearts of many as sometimes their help via Online connection through her Youtube Account and other Social Media Platforms. 

Who Is Peach Mcintyre? Peach Mcintyre Life Bio

Peach McIntyre has gained fame as a famous American YouTuber. McIntyre shares videos on finances, life, marriages, and children which is also mostly what happens in her day-in-day-out life. Peach has also authored a book which is entitled, Titles. In the book, Titles, Peach shares the roles that come after earning different titles in life. With her Youtube account, Peach has also managed to draw some of her fans via her Social Media Accounts. 

REAL NAME Peach McIntyre
OCCUPATION YouTuber and Author
ETHNICITY African-American
HOMETOWN United States
RESIDENCE United States of America

Peach Mcintyre’s Parents, Siblings, and family

McIntyre spent her childhood with her loving parents and siblings in the United States. Although she hails from a humble African-American family, Mcintyre has managed to set the bar for her children giving them a promising future more than her parents and siblings had. 

Peach Mcintyre Age, Birthday| How Old is Mcintyre?

Mcintyre is enjoying her 30s and still releasing music both for the elder and the younger fans. Since Peach was born, she has celebrated her birthday with neighbors, friends, and family. Every of her birthday has been different apart from the color decoration which remains to be blue which is also her favorite color. With no disclosure of her exact age, date of birth, and Zodiac Sign, Mcintyre still keeps on sharing music with her fans.

AGE 30s(2022)
PLACE OF BIRTH United States

Peach Mcintyre Husband, Is She Married?

Mcintyre was a married woman. However, she has not disclosed her husband’s name as he just appears on Youtube videos. With every marriage in the community facing trivial issues, Peach has had a share of her problems in marriage. Different from other marriages, Peach’s marriage was shaken and led to divorce. She is now a divorced woman with six children from her past marriage to her husband. The six children are recorded in shared custody. At the time of the divorce, Mcintyre was left with her youngest child as he was still in the weaning stage. 

Peach Mcintyre Education

Mcintyre’s career as a musician was first a talent and has grown up practicing singing both in church and several contests. At the time this was her learning ground. With an upgrade in different levels of education, Peach has attained studies in music and arts. Also, Peach engages in lessons for handling Youtube videos and more.

Peach Mcintyre Height, Weight

Mcintyre has maintained her body to become that of a model. Her body shape is almost similar to one of a plus-size model. Although Peach does not mention any interest in modeling, Peach weighs and stands at an average height. Mcintyre is characterized by black eyes and black hair but she occasionally dyes her hair to her desire.

HEIGHT Unknown
WEIGHT Unknown
HAIR Black
EYES Black

Peach Mcintyre’s Nationality, Ethnicity

With her life entirely occurring in the United States from birth, Peach is an American by birth and citizenship. However, Peach’s parents come from different ethnicities, which leaves Peach to become a Mixed Ethnicity.

  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed

Peach Mcintyre Wikipedia

Mcintyre had a rough early life and she lived by raising income from drug dealers who bought her summer free lunch. Her humble beginnings and background pushed her into working while in middle and high school. At the time, no business was defined by her, Peach’s only interest was to earn. This minor business included sales of homemade CDs, homework, test answers, and free lunch. With minor successes in the business, Peach pushed her family life and personal life into a business. This was by creating a Youtube account in 2019 October to share about her family. Her Youtube videos include tips on finances buying a house, handling children breastfeeding, and kitchen practices on baking. Mcintyre’s famous video was ‘short of what she prepares for her children to eat. This short youtube video amassed over 1.7 million views.

Peach Mcintyre’s Net Worth

Mcintyre’s net worth is gauged at $1 Milion or more. Peach has not only earned from Youtube, but she is also an author and also has some secondary income sources. Mcintyre’s work on Youtube is her major source of Income to build her net worth.

NET WORTH $1 Million
SALARY Unknown
CAREER YouTuber and Author
SUBSCRIBERS Over 200 thousand

Social Media

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