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Plantiful Kiki is a true inspiration story for anyone who is looking to lose weight and Reverse their health issues. A Few years ago she was Overweight and struggled with health issues that made her life a living hell. She was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, struggled with many hormonal issues, and had a few Cancer scares. She however decided that enough was enough and is now 70 lbs Lighter and helps others lose weight and enjoy a healthier life.

So just who is Plantiful Kiki, and Where is she From, Here are all the facts about Plantifull Kiki’s Age, Birthday, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity,Real Name, Husband, Children, Recipe, and Many More.

Who is Plantiful Kiki?|Plantiful Kiki Biography

Plantiful Kiki is a Mexican Born American Fitness Guru, Author, Speaker, and Youtuber who is the Author of the Best Selling Plantifull Kids.  She prefers plant-based Diets and shares all her information on her Youtube Channel. She has over 200 Subscribers and Over 17 Million Views on Youtube and her Youtube is sure to Grow very Fast as the Years Go By.

Plantiful Kiki Wikipedia

Kiki is a Dedicated Wife and mOm who finds Joy in helping other people become more fit. Having had first-hand experience in dangers and experiences that one endures being because of being Overweight Kiki would not wish even on her Worst Enemy. A few years ago she was 70 lbs heavier and tried reversing her weight condition by working out and trying every weight loss diet available but there were no Positive results.

She, however, decided to do things out of the norm and tried plant-based diets and this is where she found success and was finally able to reverse her health issues and lose weight. Over the years she has come up with very simple diets that require less effort and fewer ingredients. She decided to share her weight loss journey through youtube and Instagram and they soon became a success story. She enjoys helping others Become healthy and lose weight.

OCCUPATION Fitness Guru, Author, Speaker, and Youtuber
NATIONALITY Mexican-American
ETHNICITY Mayan Indian
RESIDENCE  United States

Plantiful kiki’s Early Life and Family

Kiki was born in the Yucatán Peninsula and had a very wonderful and eventful Childhood. As a young girl growing up in the Yucatán Peninsula was Fun and the climate there is one of the things that Kiki remembers to date. She made a lot of friends as a kid and still has a few of them that she holds dear to this Day. Her Family is Originally from the Yucatán Peninsula and most of her ancestors are buried there. She is part Seneca Indian on her mother’s side and half Mayan Indian on her Fathers side. She may have a sibling or two and enjoys linking up with her family during Christmas.

Plantiful kiki Parents, Family and Siblings

Mother Alive
Father Alive
Siblings Unknown
Grandfather Unknown
Family Originally From Yucatán Peninsula

Plantiful Kiki Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Kiki was born and raised in the Yucatán Peninsula in the late 19’s. She is in her 30s though she has  enjoyed a lot of private life with her Young Family. She celebrates her birthday on a yearly basis and Treasures the gifts she gets from her husband and children each year. However, her exact date of birth and birthday had remained a mystery best known to herself and those close to her.

AGE 30’s as in 2022
PLACE OF BIRTH Yucatán Peninsula

Plantiful Kiki Height and Weight

Her Height is 5 Feet 6 Inches Tall and weighs around 180 Pounds.

HEIGHT 5 feet 6 inches
WEIGHT 180 Pounds
HAIR Black
EYES Black
Figure Unknown

Plantiful Kiki Husband and Children

Kiki is a Married Woman who has never shied from Showing her Devout Love to her Husband and two Children. Her husband has always been supportive of her and was always been supportive of her. During her weight loss journey, her husband was one of the few people who were always by her side and always encouraged her. More often than not he would remain with the kids as Kiki tried to work out.

CHILDREN Two daughters

Plantiful Kiki Net Worth

KIki has an estimated net  worth of $5 Million as of 2022. Her successful ventures as an Author and Youtuber are sure to grow her wealth over the years.

NET WORTH $5 Million
SALARY $100k Month
CAREER Youtuber,  Author
SUBSCRIBERS 1.14 Million

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