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Have you heard of a paradox Pastor? Covering various personalities enough to confuse his followers is Pastor Sam Allberry. Sam is known as a same-sex pastor but still supports traditional marriage, leading to confusion and controversies among many who have had of him. Apart from the fact that he is an LGBT supporter, Allberry confirms that he is yet to be married and has not had sex in his life either. Confusing right? Allberry majors his ministry in covering Jesus, sexuality, and freedom to the latter church. He goes the extra mile to serve as an apologist for various of his followers. Here is an article with more facts to clear doubts about Pastor Sam and his controversial life.

Who is Sam Allberry? Sam Allberry Bio

Working as an English pastor, apologist, author, and speaker is a very controversial man, Sam Allberry. He mainly hits the heads of many and is known as a tendentious minister to show people that Jesus also supports LGBTQ ideas. Characterized by his books, Is God Anti-Gay?; What God Has to Say About Our Bodies; Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?; and 7 Myths about Singleness. With more of these, Sam serves as a pastor and speaker at the Church of England. Allberry is on the move to reach the United States.

REAL NAME Sam Allberry
OCCUPATION Pastor, Apologist, Author, and Speaker
EDUCATION Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Sam Allberry Age, Birthday| How Old is Sam?

Building his career around ministry and has lived to almost 47 years of age. With no intentions of sharing his exact age, birthday, or date of birth, Sam has maintained his career and is still growing more. The more he is achieving, the more he is on the verge of being younger.

Sam Allberry’s Wife, Is he Married?

Allberry is a supporter of a gay relationships. However, in an interview, Sam said that  I have never married, never been in a romantic relationship, and never had sex. With these in mind, it is effective to say that Sam has had no relationship with anyone or been married in his life. Still as a guy interested in a same-sex relationship he is still not connected to anyone. With his love of same-sex relationships, Sam still supports traditional marriage. He is also an advocate of single life which makes it more confusing what or where he stands.

Sam Allberry Education

Allberry was a student of theology at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. With his education going on, Allberry also worked at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford as an overseer. In addition to that, Sam worked at St. Mary Church, Maidenhead.

Sam Allberry’s Parents, Siblings, and Family

Allberry has worked to become and serve a vision lived by his parents. With inspiration and models from his parents, Sam found his path to ministry. His parents and siblings have been supportive of him even though it is rare for Sam to mention them. Building him up to a strong elevated Pastor is a contribution from his parental and early childhood background.

Sam Allberry Height, Weight

Allberry is more concentrated on building the Church body rather than his body build. Sam is a man of a standard height and weight with the energy required and matching his abilities in ministry.

HEIGHT Unknown
WEIGHT Unknown
HAIR Dark Brown
EYES Brown

Sam Allberry Wikipedia

Allberry had a dream to serve in ministry but he began as an apologist. After joining Wycliffe Hall to study theology he began as an overseer at St Ebbe Church. Later on, Sam was ordained as a minister in the Church of England. Afterward, in an election hosted, Sam won the position in the governing body, the General Synod. With his main focus on sexuality, singleness, and freedom as a pastor, Sam serves at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

He has authored several books including Is God Anti-Gay?; What God Has to Say About Our Bodies; Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?; and 7 Myths about Singleness. Apart from these, Sam is known for his recipe for Thai green curry.

Sam Allberry’s Net Worth

With a close and clear evaluation, Sam’s net worth is roughly calculated to be $1 Million or More. Allbery has earned more on books he has authored, ministry, and as a speaker.

Sam Allberry Social Media

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