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Everybody is always looking forward to getting their 15 Minutes of Fame and when most people get their Opportunity they grab it by the Throat and swim with it and Whitney is no Different. Whitney is best known for appearing on the Popular reality tv Show Judy Justice and this is where most people know her from. However off-screen, the Talented Media Personality is a Successful Entrepreneur who has not only Co-Founded her own company but also Runs it. So just Who is Whitney from Judy Justice? How Old is She? Here are all the Amazing facts you probably don’t know about Her Age, Birthday, ethnicity, Early Life, Husband, and Many More.

Who is Whitney Kumar?|Whitney Kumar Biography

Fullerton, California, Based Whitney Kumar is a Popular Court Stenographer, Reporter, Entrepreneur, and the Co-founder of KW Reporting. She was propelled to fame in 2021 after she appeared on the Popular Reality Tv Show Judy Justice. She first appeared on the show’s First Season which Premiered on November 1st and she has Since caught the attention of many fans. She has for many years maintained her position among the Los Angeles Superior Court-Approved Reporter list and remains Certified and Approved to practice in Court.

However, Things have not always been easy for her but that is the nature of life. In 2013 things a turn for the worst when California decided to conduct a substantial budget cut leading to many Court Room Reporters Losing their Jobs. In addition to this the government also Privatized civil Court  Room reporting. Kumar was not Gonna go down and Give and she joined hands with her Twin Sister Kamryn who is also in the same field to start their very own reporting Firm. Despite the struggles that come with their Line of Work the two sisters have persevered nd are one of Los Angeles Most Sought after Reporters.

Whitney Kumar Wikipedia

Kumar has over the years Drawn a lot of Love and commanded a lot of Respect within the Courtroom. Her Highly Diverse Skills as a Shorthand Reporter and wonderful personality have done nothing but help her case.  She has reported in many high-profile cases in California and is the Co-Founder of KW Reporting. Her Company provides a wonderful experience that is totally different from what their Competitors. They have wonderful customer relations, are highly knowledgeable and respond in Minutes even to last-minute requests and come at a reasonable price. She Mixes her Expertise within the Courtroom with her deep-rooted passion for reporting and the result is nothing more than touching.

REAL NAME Whitney Kumar
OCCUPATION Court Stenographer, Reporter, Entrepreneur, and the Co-founder of KW Reporting
HOMETOWN California
EDUCATION South Coast College
RESIDENCE Los Angeles, California

Whitney Kumar Early Life and Family

Kumar was born was Raised in Southern California, and had a Quiet but eventful Childhood growing up alongside her Twin Sister Kamryn Villegas. They would often get into Mischief together and their striking resemblance meant that they could at times get away with it. She loved Running as a young child and was an Athlete in high school. She draws her inspiration from her parents who worked hard to provide for them.

Kumar Parents, Family, and Sister

Mother Alive
Father Alive
Siblings Twin Sister Kamryn Villegas
Grandmother Unknown
Family Of Indian Decent

Whitney Kumar Age, Birthday, and Zodiac Sign

Kumar has gained a lot of experience as the years go by and if you want anything to do with courtroom reporting she is my recommended go-to person. She has made many mistakes as a young Lady and has learned from them. She is currently in her Late 30’s or Early 40′s as in 2022. She prefers to celebrate her birthday privately and rarely posts about it.

AGE 30-40 Years Old

Whitney Kumar Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Kumar stands an equal height with her twin sister Kamryn Villegas and the twins are 5 feet 8 Inches Tall(ESt).

HEIGHT 5 feet 8 Inches tall
HAIR Black
EYES Black

Whitney Kumar Husband, Is She Married?

The Mother of Two is proud of all that she has achieved in life and is grateful to have a supportive and loving husband. The pair met under unknown circumstances but their love has surely stood tough under the test of time. They wake every day alongside each other and despite the various couple Quarrels that they have endured as the years go by they have learned to respect each other and s love things as a Couple. They lead by example and hope to Raise their children to be Wonderfull and Patriotic Americans.

Is Whitney Kumar Related to Judge Judy?

Whitney and Judge Judy have no Blood relations outside the courtrooms. They are great friends yes, but are not related in any way. It was however her association mn with the Judge that propelled her to fame after she appeared on the Hit tv Series, Judy Justice.

Whitney Kumar Salary and Net Worth

Kumar earns an estimated annual salary of around $300k a year working as a Courtroom reporter. Her career has built her a respectable net worth of not less than $1 Million and is still growing.

Social Media and Contact Details

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